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21 Day Monkkey Awakening Journey

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21 Day Awakening

You will learn to transform your monkey mind towards the monk mindset with your own MONKKEY.

We will train your brain for focus, improving mental clarity, memory, and mood.

All while improving respiratory functions, HRV ( heart rate variability), lung plasticity, neuroplasticity, blood pressure, rebalancing your nervous system, and much more.

At the same time we will teach you to self regulate your physical and mental well-being.
Making personal development fun.

Unlocking your inner potential with your own MONKKEY! 

We will teach you exactly how to create a balanced body and mind, so you can turn this knowledge into your own wisdom. Improving your mental and physical state of being. 

And most of all, be able to be yourself.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Anyone who seeks to improve their mental or physical health.
Anyone who is feeling fatigued, burned-out, or stressed can find the knowledge here to transform their life.
(Even athletes can enjoy huge benefits from our breathing classes!)

Our courses will be in English, but you can choose to subtitle them in Spanish, French, or Dutch. 

Although our course is friendly for every age. We advise, that you are 18 or above.

This course will be available online, therefore an internet connection is required and a devices with audio and video capabilities .
In some parts of the course, it is advisable to wear headphones or earplugs to have the best immersive experience.

Knowledge of yoga is not mandatory, but it is always a nice extra comfort to have while doing our body balance sessions. Our exercises don’t require special equipment, all you need is a nice comfortable place with sufficient space to let your energy flow.

We believe in this course,

we believe in your abilities to unlock your inner potential,
and we believe that, together, we can help you unlock your MONKKEY!

Learning Path

  • Braintraining :
    • How to break the thoughts can create your reality.
  • Breathclass:
    • Diaphragmatic breathing, the magic molecule of the body
  • Creative visualization:
    • Rest and balance
  • Extra :
    • Sleep improvements, posture
  • Brain training:
    • Fear control
    • Contrast therapy/ cold training
    • ANT’S: you are not your thoughts 
    • Happy hormones
    • Remapping your mind for success and health
  • Breath class :
    • Vital waste gas ( CO2 )
  • Brain training :
    • Collecting MONKKEYS
    • Braindance 
  • Breath class :
    • Diaphragm massage
  • Extra:
    • Grounding
    • The walk of life ( walk meditation )
    • Food Basics

What Others Say About This Journey

I've been friends with Laetitia since high school and was really intrigued about her journey of healing herself. After a couple of sessions I feel that I am more in control of my feelings and my fears. And that I have a more positive mindset overall.
Franseska hoogewys Monkkey testimonial