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This course is perfect for anyone who likes to master their own thoughts and emotions and be driven by their inner happiness to manifest their dream lives.

All training videos are subtitles in:

English/ Nederlands/ French/ Spanish


It’s time you  know the truth about what your mind and body can do for you. The tools in this course have so many advantages scientifically proven. Some of these are: 

*better focus, better health, free emotional traumatic emotions and experiences, overall more energy, detoxing and restoring the nervous system, feeling more relaxed and happy, better memory, attracting the people and job offers you love, accessing flow states, better memory, boosting your physical body with your mental muscle activating self healing physically and mentally. And many more. 


Happiness and health can be activated within you by learning the science and practise of your thoughts and emotions in our Happy Classes, Yoga and meditation breathwork practices, all combined in 21 workshops. With lot’s of bonuses.

To be done in 21 days, 21 weeks or at your own pace.

And of course a lot of motivation!

Hope to see you soon!

Love & happiness


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weekly or monthly check ups and extra personal guidance with me, Laetitia, are possible &

will be billed separately. 


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