21 Day Awakening Awaken Your Potential

21 Day Monkkey Awakening

What makes this journey so special?

It’s a step by step guide on how to improve your life choices, habits, believes, mental clarity/ focus and physical health. 

You won’t just learn something, you will do something as well.

Step 1: unravel your mind an become a conscious decision maker

Life is a series of choices, that lead you to certain outcomes. When we become more conscious of our decisions the better the outcomes of those decisions are. 

In order to be able to live with intent, we need to be able to unravel our automatic reactions thus our automatic habits and beliefs.

They might have been with you for such a long time, that at certain moments you don’t even know why some emotions pop in your head or what reasoning your mind did to come up with the answer.

We will show you how these connections in your brain work and give you a better understanding on how this knowledge can make you become a conscious decision maker and how this can lead you to the life you want!

Step 2 : Body balance and stress resilliency

It’s all about a healthy balance in life. By combining breath work and visualisation together with body balance we will allow your body to get back to homeostasis.

Which is the natural balanced state of being.

We will show you why you should stop pushing the genetics buttons and stop creating an imbalance inside your body. We will do this by improving your resilience to stress and teach you how to able to stay calm and balanced in challenging life events. 

We will give you our best , so you can enjoy the rest!

Step 3: Focus

That’s what we all want, Right?

With some powerful exercises and creative visualisation which we mix together with breath work, we’ve created a very effective way to enter your subconscious mind more quickly and easily than ever before. Allowing you to redesign your life. 

We will boost your happy hormones, elevate your mind and improve your sleep. We will boost your brain power and your ability to focus on what matters the most. 

Together, we will explore your hidden potential and let it shine for the world to see. 


I Am Laetitia Delens

Your Happy Brain Coach, Yoga Instructor and breath guide


What Others Say About This Journey

I've been friends with Laetitia since high school and was really intrigued about her journey of healing herself. After a couple of sessions I feel that I am more in control of my feelings and my fears. And that I have a more positive mindset overall.
Franseska hoogewys Monkkey testimonial