21 Day Monkkey Awakening

21 Day Monkkey Awakening

What You'll discover

Have you read about the healing capabilities of the mystic yogi’s or superhumans like Wim Hof?
Do you want to be able to wake up energized and full of love and happiness EVERY DAY?

Do you want to be able to choose the way you want to live?

Join the 21 Day Monkkey Awakening classes and learn to unlock your FULL potential.

This course contains 21 days or can be done at your own pace, it is a bundle of all the best breathwork, mind-body tricks, tools, and sessions.

Whether it’s to instantaneously press down stress, fear or anxiety, or you just want to be able to get that full mind-body relaxation and access “bliss states” at will.

You deserve to become the master of your own destiny!

In Figures

  • 52 Lessons
  • 65+ Video’s
  • 21 Days (Available at your own pace)

Course Content

Week 1: “A New Nature Of Reality”

  • Braintraining :
    • How to break the thoughts can create your reality.
  • Breathclass:
    • Diaphragmatic breathing, the magic molecule of the body
  • Creative visualization:
    • Rest and balance
  • Extra :
    • Sleep improvements, posture

Week 2: “Letting Go”

  • Brain training:
    • Fear control
    • Contrast therapy/ cold training
    • ANT’S: you are not your thoughts
    • Happy hormones
    • Remapping your mind for success and health
  • Breath class :
    • Vital waste gas ( CO2 )

Week 3: “Becoming Monkkey”

  • Brain training :
    • Collecting MONKKEYS
    • Braindance
  • Breath class :
    • Diaphragm massage
  • Extra:
    • Grounding
    • The walk of life ( walk meditation )
    • Food Basics

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Meet Your Instructor

Laetitia Delens

Happy Brain Coach, Yoga Instructor and Breathing Instructor